Entry #2

Whats going on?

2009-04-07 22:58:30 by ExeL18

Everyone been dropping off the top the past two days?!?! hahahaha

fuck all ya. zero bombin ma shyt. ill make it personal and be sure that all top 50 get tha Zero kicked to em. nd i came here thinkin i was gonna get honest reviews n shyt. nope. asked twice on two of my songs for reviews so i can improve. but nope. so it's whatever and i hope you guys have fun with your votes. k? bye bitches


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2009-04-07 23:00:04

BTW, im gonna be votin high for some of ya. ones that gave me respect, and the artists i like. real talent. not like most of you backround music makin wanna be's in this shyt.


2009-05-01 18:41:33

same shyt has been happenin to me!


2009-07-13 17:05:43

It's because everyone is upset. You drop a smash hit and its gonna get hated on hard. Especially when you are competitively unmatched in creative talent.